hey guys
im a massive muse fan and was wondering how can i get his sound. I have a telecaster and a 10 watt practise amp but in a few days i will have a roland cube 30x and a yamaha apcifica 812v.

What amp settings does he use?
What Effects?


Yamaha Pacifica 612v
Squier Tele
Roland Cube 30x
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Google Muse gear, use the search on this site, and the main one, spend thousands on the exact same gear.

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1. Get a mahogany guitar
2. Get Bareknuckle Mississippi Queens
3. Get a Zvex Fuzz Factory
4. Get a MXR Phase 90
5. Get a Digitech Whammy
6. Get a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100

You'll have a pretty perfect Muse-tone with that (although it could be a little expensive )
that musewiki website is great thanks

i know he uses mason guitar they r jus a tad expensive

Yamaha Pacifica 612v
Squier Tele
Roland Cube 30x
Freshman Acoustic
There is no "muse sound"....just a crapload of different muse soundS created using a crapload of expensive gear.
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Remember Matt has built in effects in his guitars from Hugh Manson. It's actually pretty cool =P
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Get a guitar with a metal body for a start.

^Incorrect, the guitars Matt has that appear metal are only PLATED in metal and most likely the actual guitar is made of mahogany.

Also to note Matt DOES NOT get his distorted tone from the Fuzz Factory, that is a common misconception. He gets his distortion primarily from his Diezel VH4. He uses the Fuzz Factory mostly as an accent and the only time he over saturates his tone with it is mainly for songs like Plug In Baby.
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Yeah the FF is more like a feedback controller than anything else in his playing. And check musewiki and that link i sent you, between the two theres a LOT of info on matt's stuff
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