I now love this guy, and ive started to buy basically every cd i can find that has so much as him coughing on the record - but im struggling to find anything at all. ive got teaser, and whips and roses vol 1 and 2, but i need more.

1 - does anyone know where i can get more?
2 - who else appreciates the god that is tommy bolin
3 - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3X4VIU_bxc4&feature=related
theres a link there to one of his songs. i dont really know how to describe him really - but hes a great player, he replaced ritchie blackmore in MK4 purple, where he didn't really show the best of his ability, but he was also in the james gang (ive been told he replaced joe walsh but i dont know enough about the james gang) but the link has one of my favourite songs, so its probably easiest to check him out and see what you think
I've heard this name once-when reading Led Zepelin biography. Suposedly Bonzo got drunk entered a stage when Deep Purple was playing with Bolin and said something like:I'm John Bonham, our new albu Presence is awesome, and Bolin can't play for sh*t
tommy bolin was an excellent guitarist-probably mosty gifted and well-rounded player of his genre.He wasn't spectacular at any one sdtyle,but he was very good at all of them and could play them all.Everything from,rock,blues,reggae,jazz,funk,folk.....were covered in his playing. A true genius and a bit of an enigma to many people.Most people here probably don't know who he is because of the age genre,but i definitely reccomend checking him out if you want to hear a great pure musician and talent.
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Billy Cobham "Spectrum"
James Gang "Bang"
James Gang "Miami"
Deep Purple "Come taste the band" w/Glenn Hughes on bass

all Excellent