First recording with my new lovely taylor 214! Hope you enjoy, never 100% with a vocal track these days...but i guess thats how it goes! C4C as always...MP3 in sig. Thanks.
wow.. I don't care for the song at all, but I liked your version better than The Killers. Your voice I'm not so sure about, but the guitar work was amazing, and you sounded very passionate.

crit mine?
Great version, I like your useage of different strumming, plucking techniques. The intro made me feel like I was listening to the Goo Goo Dolls "Name", if you don´t know it, you could check it out. Your voice is very fitting for the song, you seem to have a very dynamic voice. What did you use to record the guitar? Very crisp tone from it.


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Thanks for the comments/crit...For the acoustic i just sat a Rode NT1A condensor in front of the 15thish fret, this going into my behringer 1204fx mixer then straight into my mac with garageband. Thanks again.
Very nice man! i like your version a lot.

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The guitar sounded great. My only complaint is that sometimes you cut words off real quick. Especially in the bridge to the chorus. You should really let the melody in that part flow. Overall I did enjoy the cover. You have a good voice, you just need to use it to it's full potential.

Check out my Iris cover if you have time. I like criticism.
awesome cover dude, decent recording too. guitar performance was solid, though the tone of the guitar completely changed at the end for the arpeggios as you sing 'i never'.

your voice pitch is quite well developed, tonality wise... not quite. one common problem some people from the UK have is their voice placement. just the nature of the language places the voice somewhere between the middle of the mouth and the phalanx (visible part of the throat). i sense your voice placement is near the middle, and aimed towards the dead center of the hard palate and rolls way back to the back of the throat when you sing the words 'like', 'now' etc... it kind of has that Kermit the Frog quality.

BUT when say words that end with and 'S', such as 'kiss', the end of that is in perfect voice position!

I understand that what i just said might be a bit hard to understand, but when you figure it out, the tonality change in forward voice placement is dramatic!

I've been listening to your uploaded music for a while, you are indeed improving, keep it up!
that is an amazing tone you're getting man.
Can i make love to your taylor?

I like this better than the killers man.
I just hate the killers though.
This is muuch much much better.
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I thought that was really good, but i checked out your Creep cover and I liked that even more. I don't even like that song to begin with, but you did a really good job, especially vocally.

and back to the Bright side cover, what i liked most was the guitar playing. It was extremely good, but the singing style was a little strange i thought. But anyway, it was a great cover.

Wow, I realize this is a little late, but this just amazed me. It's so much better than the Killers version, and it fits your voice really well. I LOVE the intro, and the final chorus is really beautiful. Great job, I don't see a single thing wrong with it.

Do you have tabs for your version by any chance? I'd love to learn it.

You certainly don't have to and it's not why I bumped this, I just really loved it, but C4C?
Bump, Yes. tabs:P please.

very very nice. MP3 would be great if you had one, to put on my ipod.

Very good.
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lol thanks for all the comments, and to mooshoe, i found the tab on here surprisingly, one of the acoustic versions at the bottom if you search for it. If you want an mp3, i'd be more than happy to send you one over msn if you catch my address in my profile. Thanks again.