a decision leads to another decision,
a road not taken, when it's taken you'll get options

1. you'll be flying up the sky
2. you'll be falling tumbling down and __?

a decision made from another vision,
a delusion resolved now it's a treason,
act now or you'll be missing

1. your soul
2. your faith
3. your life

scratch all three and you're low esteem,
a body with no soul to beam,
a yellow to another red or purplish blue,
lust overpowers what'd you do?

be wise
the next karma's on you.

tick tick tick tick
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cool, two reports in one thread. You, sir, are a superstar.



i'm a superstar
'a road not taken, when it's taken you'll get options'

reword, perhaps 'leads to other options' or something?

This could do with some more subtlety. The concept and layout work for me, but the tone seems more cynical than digestible.
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