This isn't like anything else I've ever written, but I've been listening to loads of Electric Wizard and Sleep and stuff recently, and decided to give it a go. I don't know when I would ever record this, since it's tuned so low. The singings meant to be like Electric Wizard, where the guy sounds like he can't be bothered, and lyrics also very out of character for me, but I really like the song. C4C, all opinions welcome.

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hey man thats really ****ing good. im a massive fan of the wizard and that sounds a **** ton like them... but in midi form >_>... im going to learn it haha
Wow that song was great. Totally reminded me of Sabbath, mainly because they're my favorite band. I loved the riff starting at bar 17. Even though it's in midi, I could definitely imagine what it would sound like with that harmonic ringing out. You may want to tone the crash cymbals down a little bit though. It gets a little repetitive. My favorite riff is definitely the one starting at bar 65 and the lead part over the riff at bars 78-84 adds a nice melodic touch to the dissonance underneath. The only problem riff is the one in between those two. For some reason, it just sounds a little awkward maybe because of the last note. Other than that, great song.