I play an Epiphone Les Paul with EMG's 81-85 and my effects are Dunlop 535Q Wah, Zakk Wylde OD pedal, and MXR smart gate going into a Marshall MG 50DFX. When I use the Wylde pedal to push the overdrive channel on the Marshall I get a ton of noise even with the noise gate. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
The EMGs are active pickups, which means they produce a lot of gain. You're adding even more gain with your overdrive channel. Either drop back on the volume, kill the distortion, consider trying to use an EQ to filter out the noise, or get used to it.
I'd say it's your amp. MGs don't function very well when it comes to noise management. Any time I'd turn the gain past 6 I'd get a crapton of noise.

Your tone will thank you if you get a new amp, trust me.
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