Im selling the ESP/LTD EC1000 for a friend of mine. Dual EMG 81s, and Sperzel locking tuners. Keep in mind that this is a players guitar. The gold hardware is discoloring, it seems that the tuneomatic bridge has been changed. There are several pick scratches and small dings on her. There are also some pretty good sized dings on the back edge also. And on the body right next to the neck joint there are 2 cracks in the paint(doesnt seem to go into the wood). it also seems that at one point he had Dunlop Straplocks installed(http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dunlop-Original-StrapLok-System?sku=364007). Unfortunately he could not find the other parts of those strap locks(the parts that go on the strap). giving the condition of this i am accepting reasonable offers.

Where do you live?

How is anyone meant to make an offer when they don't know what currency and what country you are in.

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i wouldn't really know what to offer.

i think this goes for 800 brand new.
i saw the same one for 550 at a local used guitar shop.

but since there are some dings and stuff, i'm not really sure what to offer.
PM me an offer. but just to let you know. i have had many offers but one offer for $450. but that guy needs a week to get the cash.