I found this gadget recently. Haven't seen any popular guitarist using this. (Maybe Matt Bellamy , not sure.)
I think this can come in handy when experimenting with effects and in live performances. We use our feet to control the Wah sound, but with this, it gives more sensitivity as we use our hands.
Google doesn't help me to find more info about this. Maybe this has another name. I think this should be more popular.


In the above two videos the sensor is a metal piece. Is the lighting square related to the sensor? I saw some proximity circuits and they look easy to build.(I'm not sure about the sensor though) It would be nice if any one can give me links to a guitar related schematic for this.
Is any of the online sites sell this gadget?

never seen it on a guitar but my biology teacher made one to use with you feet but you dont have to touch it. it sounds great and is actually really easy to use. the only problem i would have on the guitar is you may activate it without realising if your playing really hard.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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Zvex is the name mate they do this thing all the time but its called a probe wah http://zvex.com/wahprobe.html they have a fuzz probe and tremolo probe to
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It's known as the Hot Hand. There's one that's a phaser/flanger as well.

EDIT: just watched the video, that's not a hot hand, but it's similar (except the Hot Hand is worn as a ring).
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