On my neck pickup, there is considerable hum. I read on here that shielding might help. What is this, will it work, and could you please direct me to a thread or website that will explain shielding to me?

I went through a similar experience with a guitar I wired up recently. I had a thread about it, and I did a lot of research and found out a ton of stuff about shielding, grounding, and electronics and radio frequencies and what have you, and posted all my finding either in this thread, or in one of the six or so links that I posted. You should find everything you need to know about shielding in this thread, or in those links:

Click here for answers yo!

Good luck man, I know the buzz is a pain, but if you take your time and work through that thread and all the pages I have linked in there, you'll fix it up no problem!
^ listen to him I had the same problem with my frankenstrat and shielding eliminated the buzz.