Should have put this in my other thread really but i completely forgot :S
Sorry if this is against the rules or something! But i can't edit :/

Metal muff is in perfect condition, the wah pedal is kinda old but still in good nick and 100% working condition.

I will also sell my power supply, Its made by/bought from www.EffectPowerSupplies.com and powers 6 pedals effortlessly. Great little thing, bought for £20, looking to sell for £15.

Offer me people!
Looking for £50 for the metal muff, and £80 for the wah pedal.
The metal muff is only £60 new just thought you should know.

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

And i quote...

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Offer me people!
Looking for £50 for the metal muff

But thanks for the post. I wanted to give myself some bargaining room
and i can get a brand new cry baby for £55 in hertfordshire


What the deuce? Ok :/. I had no idea they were so cheap now!! I went off eBay prices, first two or three results for 70-80...

Taking offers on the crybaby then...
I know its a pain when people tell you your price is so close to the new one its just i was trying to help a fellow UG'er out.

If you had posted this yesterday i would have snapped the metal muff up but i brought new pickups.

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

Ahhh fair enough lol. Well, if you get the spare cash sometime soon feel free to pop back!
Power supply is £15 on that site....
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My dear god.
**** this god damn credit.

I take it that £15 is shipped+paypal'ed?
The thing is nearly brand new. I've had it like a month.
From now on, can people please post IF THEY'RE INTERESTED ONLY.