I recorded both of these songs last night, Jan. 16th, and just thought i'd share with the UG community.

These songs are just one man. Me. :P
i recorded the drum tracks on a keyboard.
both guitar and bass are going through a GT-8 pedal board.

i was fooling around with a simple progression, and got the song "Mediocrity". I just liked that word, so that's why it was the title. ha!
my goals with this song were to have the bass carry the song, and to have a melody that i hung around and that was singable.

This next song is a song i wrote, and i'm quite proud of it. the progression is something that i happened to stumble upon while practicing bass a while ago, and it turned into something beautiful. I named it "Smooth Concentration" because i wanted the song to have a smooth feel to it, and it reminded me of the nazi concentration camps for some reason?
Any ways, my goal with this song was to make it as open and uncluttered as possible while not sounding weak.
I'm just another musician waiting to be famous.

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