Everything included, like if for mountain biking, clothes would be included...for running, shoes incl., etc. Yes, I'm sure you don't have an exact amount, but just guess.

I think I spent more on skateboarding (what I used to do A LOT but I was tired of getting hurt). I skated for about 5 years..

total cost (boards, ramps, parts, shoes, protection, park passes) probably about $1,000.
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Video games, then guitar, then skateboarding probably.
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Skateboarding and guitar might be equal for me.
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over my lifetime i've spent probably $1,500 on clubs, 300-400 on clothes for golf.

edit: oh, forgot about balls, tees, green fee's, shoes, hats, gloves, lessons. but i am afraid to add that up.
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Photography gear may exceed guitar/bass stuff.
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if computer counts for video games... then that. if not, guitar
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Guitar is my second most expensive hobby: I've spent more money on my Computer than I have on guitar.
Video Games, Computer, Car, and Guitar
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guitar by far. i reckon i have almost 2000 bucks in my gear, and that doesnt include my brother's and parents gear. none of my other hobbies come close.
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well music. ive spent probably 700 on bass stuff, a grand on guitar amps, a grand and a half on guitars, and then theres strings, straps, and cables.
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guitar most definitely...i have close to $12,000 in gear between 5 amps, rack, pedals, and 22 guitars

then photography equipment

then computer and gas for my car are probably tied
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Remote control car racing cost me a lot...

Don't do it anymore so playing guitar's coming a close second, and will definately overtake it on my GAS.

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right now id say its equal between guitar and skiing for me. although skiing will surpass guitar eventually, cause its so damn expensive to go each time.
Probably about $5K on guitar (although I've bought and sold more than $10K

Closest is motorcycle + gear at about $4K
does drinking count as a hobby? if not, then i've spent most on guitar probably...
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I've spent more on guitars and gear than anything else... ever.
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strip club entrance fees £1000-£1500
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Guitar by far... I have spent (with some help) about $700 or so.
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Guitar by far. What I've spent/will spend on drums is pretty much half of what I've spent on guitar.
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Guitar Stuff, spent like a grand all together and going to make it about two grand today
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Guns/Hunting - around $3500
Guitar - around $3000

This doesn't include gifts, such as my first guitar, this is just out of my wallet.
Personally, I've spent most on video games.
But of money spent by others for me, would be photography or guitar.
I have about $500 in guitars/basses, plus a like $30 amp, and a $7 amp that I payed for.

I have a $500 Nikon D40, a $350(at least new, at release) Sony digital, and I had another digital, but I don't know the price of that one.
i have spent about £500 on archery stuff but i have spent about £550 on bass
EDIT: on games and such i have spent over £1000 on gameboys, gamecube, games for both, 360, games, and a wii + wii fit
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It's a close call between guitar and general recording, but I think guitar has just edged it.
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