Are they similar? I've seen the V50 get some heavy distortion but the palomino doesn't look like it'd be able to handle heavy stuff (it's blonde). They're both v50s but i have a feeling that they're different. I wanted a v series to have for fun, then they were discontinued. Now the palomino V50 goes for $350 on musiciansfriend and I don't want to buy ignorantly.

id go for the palomino.

not as distorted but it by far has much better gain.

I would personally go for neither and go for a used one from the 90's or 80's.

I think they called them vintage clubs.

If you want a marshall sound for cheap those are the amps to look into.
the palo runs on el34s and the v50 uses 6l6s, so the palo has a more british voicing. i really like my palomino, and with an od pedal it can get reasonably heavy, nothing too modern though.
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alright glad i cleared that up. my friend is looking for some modern distortion tone so i guess neither will work for him. thanks!
yea the Palomino is very British voiced, sounds very vintage. Kind of sounds like a cross between a Vox and a Marshall
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