I play from classic rock to heavy metal. its mainly gonna be used for practicing but also gigging.
(but please no line 6 spider lll recommendations)
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(but please no line 6 spider lll recommendations)

My band's one cover is in my profile!


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Wait for the 6105+ combo to come out, it'll be 60 watts (or 50 maybe?) and its sick apparently. For only $550-600 too.
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ya that would be a good way to go. ^^

you could probably find a 5150 used in your price range too. they are pretty wicked
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I hope you mean 6505+...

Also look into a B-52 AT-112 or 212 if you can still find one.
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the 6505+ 1x12 should be good when it comes out, but i dont know how well it would cover the classic rock stuff. maybe a krank rev jr pro mini half stack. some people dont like the sound, but you should definetely give it a listen

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