Hello -

I'm thinking about picking up a Peavy Vypyr Tube 120 Combo.

First off, what's everyones personal opinion of the amp? Is it reliable? Sturdy? Good sound?

If I get the 120, I'll probably pick up a Sanpera. I'm not sure which one to get. What are the (dis)advantages to each?

Also, I'm thinking of picking up a set of Boss pedals, probably a Heavy Distortion, Flanger, Ultra-chorus, and maybe a Digital Delay.

How do pedals work with this kind of amp?
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vypyr thread

Linky to the Vypyr thread

Also, the Vypyrs are pretty sturdy amps; the sanperas are ****ing TANKS of foot controllers.

Also, why the hell would you get pedals with this amp? you don't need them!
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So with the Sanperas, can I switch between effects on this amp?
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My first lolstack!