It's not a bad song by any means... it just doesn't have anything unique to it in my opinion. Will give a more detailed crit later... it's late.

Alright. Here we go.
The intro. It's good, but in my opinion it sort of drags on. I'm assuming vocals are going to be going over it to break up the monotony, that'll be good. The electric guitar comes in and it still seems to be dragging. I would just play that part once and then onto the next.

At bar 17: This is pretty good. I like. Pretty standard stuff, but nothing is wrong with staying in the middle so people like it :]

Bar 21: Nice drums. I like it :] It is also pretty standard stuff. Not bad though. The harmonization gives it +1 coolness.

Bar 33: Not bad not bad. A good variation to everything else. The drums give it a good feel. The harmonization is the best though.

Bar 61: This isn't bad :] I like the guitar that rings out. it's very nice.

Solo: The second and third arpeggios bother me for some reason. They give the song a weird vibe that's contrary to the song. The rest of the solo is pretty good. Not just technical wankery :]

Next part: I really like the guitar that fades in. It's very nicely done. The right amount of time :]

The outro seems a little forced. It just seems like you wanted something there that would work and make it end. The clean guitar is good. But the distorted guitar is the one that seems forced. maybe add a transition? I do think that you should just drop the melody after bar 149 and end it. But that's just me.

Overall, not a bad thing at all. You seemed to stay on the safe side of people's opinions, but there's nothing wrong with that.

8/10. :]

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pretty standard as metalcore goes man, but i still would buy an album!

reminded me of I Killed The Prom Queen a lot!

the harmonization was beautiful!
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