Not sure if this is the right spot, but oh well.

I have a berhinger mixer (1202fx i think?) and i havent had it 2 months, and it has started buzzing pretty bad. The weird thing is the buzzing doesnt come through on the recordings. You can hear it really bad in the moniters and in the computer speakers (So it is going through the comp.) But the recordings still come out clear. I would say this is just an anoyance since it records fine, but i also use the mixer live, and that little bit of buzz turns into ALOT of buzz at high volumes.

Does anyone know what could be wrong with it, or of somewhere that works on mixers?
Well im not familiar with Behringer mixers, but Behringer is usually a distrusted company that fails to place truthful information on their products. I wouldnt be surprised if it was just a bad product.

I may be completely wrong, maybe Behringer just sucks balls with amps.
If your computer relies only on a built-in sound card, then your problem may be that it is not able to process the recording data fast enough and so there will be buzzing.

My computer does this whenever I use Guitar Rig 3, but the final recording sounds normal.

Edit: So my first question is, does your PC not have a dedicated soundcard?
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the PC is not the problem, because it does it when i use it as part of my PA for Live situations too. I have troubleshot it and ran the mixer in 3 completly seperate chains, it is in fact a mixer problem.

And yea I had a berhinger amp litterally rip itself apart, this was just the only mixer in my price range at the time.
I guess all you can do at this point is try to ignore the buzzing until you save up enough to get another mixer, and then never buy a Behringer product again.
Behringer makes SOME ok products but I was never impressed with their mixers and many people I know complain about them breaking down easily.

It sounds like a ground has lifted. Try swapping cables to your monitors and use balanced XLR or TRS if you can. Also check the power outlet of your home. Home depot has those 3 light plug in testers you can use. To me it sounds like an internal problem though...

I don't know how long the coverage period is but if you have the original packing and receipt you can try calling Behringer and getting a replacement. It's worth a shot if it's a new mixer.

If you MUST own a mixer, go with a Yamaha MG line. My 10/2 (older style one without compressor) is more than two years old now and the only sign of wear is a scratchy pot for the control room/phone output which is easily fixable. Yamaha's MG line of mixers are great for the price and you can find them on ebay.
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