Hello UG community,

I have been playing bass now for about 8 months and I have picked it up very quickly and I truly love playing. (it's the only instrument that i play). I didn't get any lessons, i basically learned through youtube clips and tabs from UG and just jumped in.

My question is, the way that i started playing and have ever since is basically dedicating 1 finger per string (thumb on E string, index finger on A string, middle finger on the D string on ring finger on the g).

would you recommend continuing with this way of playing? I look forward to hearing people's opinions as i have never seen anyone else play that way, but that is what has come naturally to me.

Thanks again
Using more than 2 fingers is a good skill to have, but don't use your thumb, its just not as versatile as a finger. Also, the thumb is the perfect anchor for your hand, rest it against the body.
You'll run into problems if you ever need to play 16th notes on one string, that's the disadvantage.
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Yeah, using all your fingers is a good thing for sure, but don't dedicate a finger for each string.
You'll hit a wall once you need to start notes on one string repeatedly.
When you say one finger per string, do you mean on your right or left hand?
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Out of curiosity what songs have you been playing, and have you had any difficulty playing these songs at the proper tempo?

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. I really appreciate it. I've been building the amount of songs that i can play without feeling too limited with having 1 finger per string.

Some of the songs i can play quite well are..

Money - PF
Black Dog & Heartbreaker - zep
just a giggalo - DLR
message in a bottle (the bridge on this one is a bit tricky using one finger)
longview - green day
fire - jimi

Thanks again
Quote by ChemicalFire
When you say one finger per string, do you mean on your right or left hand?

Being a right handed player, i meant my right hand

I think fingerstyle has converged on bent-wrist, 2 finger alternating picking style for a reason. I can't think of any advantage your hand style has and as good as you feel you play, I think you'll feel even better if you use more 'accepted' techniques (the word 'proper' offends people). I can't imagine you'd be able to run any scales in three and four note patterns with any efficiency.
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Yes, you're playing wrong. The way you're playing is very style specific and you'll hit several walls in regards to speed along any path you take your playing. I really recommend you change your standard playing style to the proper technique (risky).
Lmao, I thought you meant fretting hand for a second

When you want to learn songs with speed, you're going to need to build stamina on your index and middle finger for fast fingering.
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