So today we recorded drums.With overheads panned to different sides (Ride cymbal in the RIGHT side,Hi hat in the LEFT (drummer perspective)).But now when i imported the tracks in to my pc,we have the sides inverted (ride LEFT,hi hat RIGHT (listener perspective)).How to flip the sides?
...Im guessing you used a mixer instead of an audio interface?

Anyways...just use the pan feature to flip the sides. Or you can send the data out of the program, though a mixer, then back into another track panned at the proper place.

Try to keep panning at center while recording. Later when you mix and start adjusting levels you can pan each mic to it's proper place.
You didnt quite understand...I have a drum track (Kick,Snare,Toms (left),Toms (right),Overheads (left),Overheads (right)) its a one track,i cant change anything.But i just need to flip the sides of it...the Left side to Right and Right side to Left.If i pan,everything goes to one side,which isnt good
****!Ok so i imported the same files into two separate tracks.Choosed different ouputs on each track,then panned and it sounds the way it has to sound.AND A NEW PROBELM.When im tryng to export Audio mix down it exports dead silence.I think its because the master metter is dead,so the output doesnt go through master and it doesnt export anything.HELP HELP HELP
Where are the outputs of the audio going to?

Can you split the stereo track into 2 mono tracks then pan that way?

When i say split i mean the left track is one mono track and the right track is the other.