So I've decided that at some point, admist all my gear goals (I'm going through some serious GAS lately, I swear), I want to upgrade my OD pedal. I currently have a Bad Monkey, but something is wrong with it and it won't work with a battery, so I can only used it plugged in to an outlet.

Maybe not a huge deal, but something tells me there will be a noticeable quality difference, in reliability and tone if I just suck it up and buy a high end overdrive pedal.

These two seem to get the most praise around here, so I'm going to ask which one is better, in your opinions.

I've gotten to jam on an analogman modded maxon 808 before, but I don't know what was done to it, nor have I had a chance to play a stock one.

I currently use overdrive to boost a mid-gain amp for a metal sound, but I plan to upgrade to something high gain, in which case, it would mainly be used just as a lead boost, or to tighten up the sound a bit. I would also use it for a smooth, mid-gain tone when I'm in the mood to play other genres.

If you have other suggestions to throw out, keep it at or under $150 please

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I really like the Maxon OD808, great pedal. Definitely recommend looking at that one (although you probably already have, just backing it up).

The Catalinbread Hyper Pak might be worth looking at too.


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The OCD blows away the Maxon in sound quality and harmonic content. The Maxon may be better as a boost/to tighten stuff up. The Catalinbread suggestion is worth looking into, they make great pedals.
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I just got 1 of these.


It's a hair over your budjet, but it's really nice. Plugged it into my POD, shut off all the amp modeling, switched on an analog delay and a square chorus and Joe Satriani setup shop in my amp. I think he's going to stay there for awhile rent free.
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These are the two best overdrives there are. I've been through them all and kept the Maxon and Fulltone. Both are necessities.
two completely different pedals with completely different tone. The OCD does not work that well as a boost, it's not particularly clean and is not particularly transparent. I really like the OCD for using with something like a Vox or non-master volume Marshall to get a nice crunch at lower volumes. Really, that is the OCD's calling card. If you want a boost, get a good clean boost.
The Maxon 808 is a True bypass TS808 so its reputation speaks for itself. Its fantastic for everything, I'd go for it.

But if youre after low volume crunch then an OCD may be up your alley.