This Monday, I am buying a new guitar, and I am going to sell one of my old ones. What price should I sell this guitar for?

The guitar I want to sell is an acoustic Washburn D12, probably made sometime in the 80s. It plays very well, great for a beginner. I put new strings on it a couple of months ago, and I don't play it very often, so the new strings have been played maybe 5-10 times. It looks good too, no scratches or nicks. I'm selling a case with the guitar. The case is probably from the 80s as well, very light, not in mint condition but it works to protect the instrument.

Any opinions? I can post pictures if that would help.
Thanks so much
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when you'd like to sell a guitar, a good starting point is to see what they're selling for on ebay, minus shipping. If you price it around that, buyers win because it's local, and you don't have to pay any ebay fees.
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