I looked up strumming patterns on google and this post from another site came up. Its really old so I couldn't ask the poster what site he was referring too.

"Hey Guys,

I bought my first guitar 2 weeks ago and things are coming along well. However, I'm still having such a hard time figuring out strumming patterns by ear. I've checked out that one website that has came up a few times in these forums with common strumming patterns and it has helped quite a bit!

Do any of you know what site he is talking about, or know another site with strumming patterns. Ive been playing for about a month and a half now, and I've gotten really good at chords and chord changes, but my rythm playing is really lacking.

Thanks in advance,
I dunno what he/she is talking about but I found this site to be very helpful.


Be sure to read the entire lesson.
Justin Sandercoe has some free lessons on strumming. Plus a good instructional DVD.
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Silverstein is right. Figuring out strumming patterns by ear, as well as creating them on your own, just comes with time as your sense of rhythm becomes more acute.

Now, as for help on rhythmic playing, one thing that really helps is to use your elbow as a metronome. What does that mean? It means to always be making a strumming motion with your arm, whether you'll be striking a chord or not. When you have that constant metronome, making up, and picking up strum patterns will become second nature.

Good luck!
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one website that has came up a few times in these forums with common strumming patterns and it has helped quite a bit!

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I'm a 1 month beginner. I seem to be able to make my own patterns, can play them pretty quickly too. However counterfeiting other people's strumming is about as difficult as moving a mountain. That's no good. :eek
Thanks for the reply's. Yea I realize that figuring them out yourself is probably the best way, and advice on how to do that. I seem to be able do it somewhat naturally on songs that I really know well.

I can make up my own and that works with alot of songs, but sometimes I want to be able to play just like the original.