Hmm. Anyone noticed how fans can become obsessed with a band so much that they hate anyone that hates them? It's crazy. One time on the forums I said something about blink 182 and got a message saying:

Re: 'hey im going to kill u

you ****ing fag, tryna talk **** about blink 182'

So, any stories of band-protecting violence?
lmao well i love blink like they are my favorite band and i will defend them if anybody says anything wrong about them thats not true.. but i wont sending messages and say im going to kill you LOL
every single person i say 'i dislike the beatles' to ends up going insane and telling me about how godly they are...
Go on youtube, look up a song, say that the band sucks and you get like 1000+ thumbs downs in like a minute.
Lead guitarist of a band which has no name