Anyone get to try this yet?

I saw one in the store today and thought "meh why not?". So I plugged in not expecting much other than the grainy and flabby fuzz I had heard from the other units.

But then, the second I clicked it on this wall of sustain just hit me. I was stunned, the pedal was amazing. It reminded me alot of the old army green Sovtek muffs. The pedal seemed to get nice lead tones and I could get into Gilmour territory.

Already have a fuzz face and MKII which I love and I need the money for a phaser but the GAS for this thing is getting really bad. I didn't think one of the current production EHX muffs could get that Gilmour sound but this might just be a good place to start. Especially since the clones and older muff models are either expensive or hard to get.
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I have tone wicker GAS of epic proportions. as soon as i heard about it i've needed one, because i've always thought my USA muff needed a tone bypass and a treble boost.
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Miss_G has recently purchased one, she made a thread about it.

I suggest contacting her.
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