Hi, I'm 15 years of age and have been playing for about 3 years. I have a relitivaly good knowledge of the fretboard, and no pretty much all of the guitar techniques used typically in Rock/Metal guitar playing to a pretty average level.

I want to be able to play like all of the Hair Metal players of the 80's as I just love the guitar sounds and songs that were produced and wondered if you guys could give me a few songs to work through. I would appreciate it more if you started off with the easier Hair Metal songs and going up to the David Lee Roth-esque songs

My favourite guitarist is Paul Gilbert

Thanks alot


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Check out Ratt.
IMO, Warren DeMartini was one of the better 80's guitarists.

I agree.

Well OP, the first step I'd take if I were you is to get an 80's tone. Definitely not hard, you can get ADA MP-1 pre-amps on ebay really cheap. Take one, run it through the clean channel of whatever amp you have, spend some time getting the right EQ, and that's cake. There is tons of equipment left over from those days, I'm sure you can do a little research and find some cheap stuff. By "sounds" you probably mean floyd rose wanking, so you can guess what you need for that, haha. And besides that, I guess work on your palm muting and alternate picking. Most of the popular hair bands had really simple licks, but those licks sound awesome through with that stereotypical tone.

Hope I helped a little.

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Has any one got any specific songs?


take this Beginner song to this Advanced beginner song, to this Intermediate song to this Advanced intermideite song to this Advanced song


Edit: I have the Ibanez RG370DX so i do have a floyd rose
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