has anyone seen this movie?
i remember seeing the preview when i saw Role Models, i thought the movie looked sick as hell. there was all sorts of grotesque things and macabre in the preview, i almost thought they were giving too much away in the trailer.
then a couple weeks later i saw it was pg13, i was shut down.
i still have yet to see it
one friend told me it was not even scary one bit.
share your thoughts, is it worth going to see?
some pepole i know say it was extremly scary. some girl on my msns name righ now is LOL OMG I ALMOST HAD MY PERIOD WATCHING UNBORN IT WAS SO SCARY o.o"
I'm sure its as scary as every other horror movie thats come out recently. So not scary at all.
Four of my friends went to see it and they all said it was a piece of ****.
lamest movie to come out recently... I was disappointed in it.
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I'm sure its as scary as every other horror movie thats come out recently. So not scary at all.


There hasn't been a good horror movie in a VERY long time.

I had high hopes for The Strangers but it wasn't scary at all.
thats just how i write man, you did make me laugh though
but if you were trying to insult me you did not
Another ****ty 'scary movie' just like all the other hundreds of ****ty 'scary movies' that teenagers flock to every weekend.
Yeah i want to see it bad. I seen in the preview there was a scene where the chick had no pants on so its worth seeing it just for that. Plus it looked pretty funny. The one part where theres that dog and the dudes like "go get out of here!" crack me up every time.
At first, I saw it was another omen ripoff, but after a while, I think this movie could be good. It seems like a genuinely scary movie, in the spirit of stuff like the excorcist. Or it could be like one of those teen horror movies and be a huge dissapointment.
just saw it. I thought it was good, not really scary. did make me jump a couple of times. but its the first movie iv seen in 3 months.
that girl has a nice ass, depending on how much the theatre charges, it might be worth it to go just for that.
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they are all a piece of ****. the only thing i thought was funny was the dog with an upside down head =\
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I dont understand how if the kid died in the womb, he is like 8 years old as a villain. If anything he shoudl be the age of the bitch hes trying to kill, or a baby. There are no inbetweens.
What'd you expect? Her twin aged like 9 years, yet she was way older. It would be better if the fetus started haunting her.

Anyway, I heard that people in the theatre were actually laughing at the movie. I didn't see it.

EDIT: or i could just repeat the same thing the previous poster said.
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Its the same as most horror movies out nowadays.

Scary faces and popups.
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