On my profile listen to "Time has come" and tell me want you think. I will crit you songs in return.


EDIT: if you could crit my other songs to that would be nice
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When the strings comes in I was totally reminded of Final Fantasy for some reason. The heavy drums work really well and the whole song is really complex with the melody, sounds like a score Hans Zimmer might make for a more futuristic movie.

When 2:35 hits, the melody coming in sounds really awesome, but the drums sound really digital throughout the song. I like the arpeggios going on around 3:20ish though, sounds really intersting.

I'll check out your other songs and crit tomorrow because it's pretty late over here in Canada right now, and I need to get to bed to study for a math exam tomorrow. D:

The song is really long too. 8 minutes is killer.
this is really cool. its pretty easy to get lost in the song which is awesome. i loved the drums it added a lot to the song. half way through the song i started to get a little bored but then it changed and started to pick up a little but i still thought it should have picked up more than it did. i thought this was really impressive gj.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1044355
i sounds really epic, and really majestic (probably what final fantasy was going for, which he hit )

i like the build up of instruments, it for once feels really well done, not repetitive, but each time one comes in it just adds to whats going on

and nice drum groove in the beginning as well
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