Im new around here first post

sometimes i need extra volume doing riffs or solos, so i think this little pedal can work for me:

it's pretty clean, and it have and incredible boost, now the thing is, if i use it before the amp (guitar-boost-amp), it takes the volumne a little up and add a lot of gain wich is totally cool to crank up the amp, but not for my porpuse wich is volume only.

if i put it on the loop?, in theory it should work, but, im afraid of blowing something up, let's say my amp is turned at 100w in the back (vox got a cool wat atenuator), and the master all the way up, if i add this extra volume on the loop (to the power amp stage i guess) what can happen?

dont wanna be afraid of cranking my amp up cause this little pedal.

thanks in advance for your replies !
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it should be fine.
speakers can hold more than they are rated
for for short periods of time, as long
as you dont use it constantly, there should be no