Hey, so I'm playing tuned down to Drop B - and I heard that if you're tuning way down, to use thicker strings. I'm using mediums right now, should I throw a set of heavy strings on my guitar? Is my neck going to warp or something because of a lack of tension from the strings? (I'm using an epi les paul - dunno if that matters or not). Thanks
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The neck won't warp. The reason thicker gauge strings are recommended for drop tunings is because they will still have a fair amount of tension on them. If you use a lighter gauge strings they will be slack and are more likely to buzz.

If the medium gauge strings don't buzz in drop B, then keep em otherwise you might want to go to a heavier gauge.
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thicker strings might be wise to reduce any possible fret buzz and slop
For Drop-B I'd recommend .12 strings if your guitar is 25.5" scale like most 'metal' guitars (or .13 for 24.75" scale guitars), you may need a new nut or at leats have the existing nut's slots widened as stratdud39 said, and you'll most likely need to raise the action slightly, lower your pickup height, and the guitar will need re-intonating and the truss rod may also need adjusting.

Though right off the bat, no, you're not going to warp a guitar neck just by putting thicker strings on it, unless you're doing a huge jump like from .8s to .14s and the truss rod was poorly installed. However just because the neck isn't going to buckle and snap in two doesn't mean it'll be playable without basically a full-set up and modification.
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