I have a Peavey Bandit 112 amp.I want too change the speaker in it.Does anybody have any good suggestions on what kind of speaker too get?I play Matallica,Guns and Roses,Led Zepplin,Trivium and some blues.So a versatile speaker would help.What do you guys think?Thanks!
Vintage 30's are supposed to be good all purpose speakers
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whats wrong with the Blue Marvel thats in there?!

Honestly, i have a Studio Pro 112, that shares like......everything with the Bandit, and I can play anything from acoustic to blues, jazz to metal....
There's nothing really wrong with the Blue Marvel.I just wanted too try a different speaker in it.Maybe I will try a vintage 30
What do you want in your tone?
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I'll just lurk as I have the same problem. The stock speaker is pretty muddy and lacks presence but it's still somehow harsh imo. The V30 wouldn't pair with it since the Bandit is 80W (Probably 120W peak or so). You need at least an 80W speaker.
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I guess an old Metallica sound or a Slash guns and roses sound.I might just end up buying a different amp but before I do that I want to see if I can tweak the bandit a bit.
Yea I thought is is a little muddy too and it don't sound to great when it is turned up really loud.I guess I expected that since it is a cheap amp
It's cheap because of the speaker. I'm sure with a speaker change it could be a bit more articulate and better at loud volumes. It's great for the price I got it for though ($100).
yea! So I'm guessing and hoping maybe a vintage 30 would help it sound a lot better.
So what is a good 80 watt speaker since the V30 wouldn't go good with it?
Don't triple post like that there is an edit button. I don't have much speaker experience so I couldn't say that's why I'm lurking but I emailed Eminence and the guy recommended the Tonker Lite for a tighter bottom end and more presence and I've heard that the Tonker series are pretty articulate so I may be looking into that.