Not long ago my Low E string was buzzing on my ibanez rgt42dx and decided to loosen that one screw on the bridge to make it higher. When the low e string wasnt buzzing anymore, the GBE strings were buzzing so i repeated the process.

But then all the strings didnt fit my standards (The strings were too heightened) So i just decided to lower all the strings back to their normal position. When i was lowing the screw that held the Low e and ad strings i heard a bang coming from the bridge?

Then all my strings went out of tune; and everytime i turned the screws it made a really rough squeeky sound and was difficult to turn.

I can't even turn the screws, ive tried allen keys and this custom metal allen key thing for a screw driver.

Now that i cant even turn the screws with any tool i have right now, and the action being all screwed up i have no idea what to do?

My bridge is an Edge III

mighta ****ed your **** up dude.
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sounds pretty ****ed to me.

take the bridge out, have a good look, see whats going down.
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I think OP knows he messed something up. He's asking for help on where to start to fix it..
Is there a cover on the backside of the guitar you can remove to inspect the bridge? If so, I'd take it off and have a look. I'm not familiar with that guitar, but it may be an easy fix. If so, I'd release all the tension on the strings, fix it, and then return normal tension. The buzzing could be caused by low humidity in your house. It effects not only acoustics, but also electrics to a lesser degree.
Go have it set up.

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take the back plate off and inspect that. if you cant see anything wrong, id take all the strings off, take the trem out and see whats up. if you cant figure it out, take it to a professional and have him take a look.

EDIT: B and D saddles look muffed up. whats goin on there?

EDIT: all your saddles look ****ed up. wth is goin on with your intonation?
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which "screws" are you talking about? The two bridge posts? It's never a good idea to turn these while the knife edges are in full contact.

ps. judging by the position of your saddles, you have no intonation whatsoever.
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Edge IIIs are generally made of weak metal. Get an OFR or a Gotoh Floyd.
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