So, i found an ad on Kijiji for a Vox VT100AD head and Marshall 2x12 cab.
he's willing to trade, so i COULD trade him ALL my equipment, besides
my guitar, of course for it, but, i could also sell it all at a pawn shop,
and maybe have some cash left over.
So how much do you think could get for it?
(gear in sig)

also, heres the ad
man pawn shops are rip off's. trade, spend alittle bit of money so can keep some of your pedals, pawn shops blow unless you need money fast.
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It looks like a good deal to me, especially if you can get out of it with some cash. You're probably best off to sell it then buy the vox/marshall, but if it's still there when you've sold your gear is a gamble unless you can get them to hold it or something.
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XXX for a valvetronix???

Flexwave head, XXX cab
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XXX for a valvetronix???

yes, its only a cabinet.

well, thanks for your help, i think i'll
stop at a pawn shop before making the
deal, just to see how much they'll give me.