so anyways this chick really likes me...she calls me non stop all day every day...and wants to hang out all day every day...it annoys the **** out of me!

she cant drive yet so i always have to waste my gas to get to her house...and then right when i leave her she calls me

the bright side is im getting laid

how do i get her to stop being so clingy, jealous of other girls, and annoying?
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Refer her to the relationship thread. Then follow her there. *reported*
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is it worth it? you might just want to split.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Stfu and keep getting laid?
be a dick to her, insult her and stuff, she'll probably quit liking you
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You tell her.

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Hit her a few times.
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Yeah you could just tell her something like, "Hey, I have fun hanging out with you, but I kind of need some space."

Just tell her you would like to spend more time with other friends or something.

Still, you're gettin' laid so you should be happy haha.
tell her she's being too clingy. but what do I know? I'm not the
Relationship Thread
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you should take her on a date to this great place i've been hearing about. it's called the relationship thread.