Not worth it. It'll be a cheap piece of crap and it will break. It'll turn you off of the instrument because you just won't have a good experience. Bump up your budget to a bit more, at LEAST 25 to 30 for a quality instrument. Anything less is just not worth it.
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i had a ukelele, a cheap one, i put it down one time, and the bridge just twanged clean off, the whole thing, no use getting cheap
Wouldn't recommend it man. I got one as a joke present for Xmas, I think it was £14.99 or something and the tuning peg on the A keeps retracting back to a F#. I had to selotape the peg into position ffs

But yeah. It's a fun instrument, and it takes about 5 minutes to learn the basic minor/major chord shapes.

Id sau get a baritone. It's tuned like the top 4 of a guitar and they tend to be decent
haha ok. I was on here last night debating for ages whether to buy this one for £15 haha. I hate spending money.

But thanks. Ill save a bit for one. So can anyone give my some guidance on what one to get? I want that typical hawaiian sound.

i havze one of 35 euros but it was a special edition with a pineapple like headstock and some fruits painted on the top but its pretty good :p
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