If you have chops in everything from blues,to rock to metal to folk,and can solo in those styles?
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Just get a real job


Either in a covers band or a session guitarist too be honest if you wanted music as a profession.

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Get a real job like Fred said. But you can always try and make a career out of music. Sam Beam of Iron & Wine for example never planned on being a professional musician. He had a normal day job, and he just made some recordings at his house. Then some friends sent them to Sub Pop Records, and he got signed. Another example is Brian May. He's an astro-physicist.
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Session player maybe. But being able to play it isn't enough. You need to know people, and need to prove you know everything about theory.

Can you walk into somewhere with complete strangers, be handed a piece of sheet music and play it perfectly straight off? If not, don't even consider it.