What is your favorite style of recording studio/mixer?

mine is my Tascam Ministudio Ports 02mk11.

my dream studio is the Zoom HD16CD Multi-Track Recording Studio
haha my dream would probably be an API or SSL Desk into a 2" Reel to Reel 24 track recorder.

I am NEVER going to own that though :P

I'll be in digital all my life unless i come into ALOT of money.
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haha my dream would probably be an API or SSL Desk into a 2" Reel to Reel 24 track recorder.

I am NEVER going to own that though :P

I'll be in digital all my life unless i come into ALOT of money.

reel to reel isn't all its cracked up to be.

you can get plugins that accurately simulate the desk.
and there are tape saturation plug ins as well.

if you go to digidesigns website they mixed a track on a SSL and then copied all the eq and compression settings off the board and into the plugin that was opened in pro tools and then they A/b ed the track. and you can't tell a difference. and if you could you couldn't tell what was the modeled and what was real.


and if you add it up the pro tools HD rig (or LE for that matter) and the waves studio classics plugins would be wayyyyy cheaper then the console and the tape and stuff.
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Yeah but thats no fun. :P i dunno i have a mixer just because sometimes i like running my speakers off my mixer and mixing on it. Why? Its fun . That also being said you can get control surfaces and what not but its not the same. I'd always stay digital but it would just be really nice to have an all analogue studio just to think, it wasn't always as easy as adding a plugin to the insert of my daw.

I'm not saying its any better or worse, i just say i'd love to have it. That and analogue does have some inherent advantages over digital that are waayyy too technical to go into to. That being said so does digital.

My ideal Digital studio is a power mac, pro tools hd, some nice preamps from Avalon, Great River and API, Some nice Compressors from Urei/Universal audio/teletronix, purple audio, API empirical labs etc, some nice mics from akg, sennheiser, neumann, shure, royer and cascade. And A/D converters from apogee. Haven't quite worked out what i want patchbay wise so hey. :P its pretty much just all analogue gear that gets mixed in the computer so i wouldnt REALLY need that many SSL type plugins for preamp things, more just the eqs and maybe compressors.

Then probably a mackie universal control with extenders to have 24 channel control because then if i want i can use other programs.

EDIT: just did the listening test, the digital ones seemed to sound a touch... not dead, but just missing something, probably a bit of top end and a tad more low mids... and yes i could actually hear the diffence 6 out of 7 times. I really do see what you mean, the changes were so minute it was only because one sounded to have a touch less high end i think, i can't even put my finger on what it was exactly.
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I'd definitely keep it reel if I had the chance.

Pun intended...

I hate my life...
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@doom.... if we both win a lottery in the same week, I just might run into you at the store, as we'll have very similar shopping lists! (except you're on the opposite side of the planet from me, but....)

Even with mega$$, though, I'd stay digital. My rationale is based on this challenge:

-turn on the radio and listen for an hour. Can you tell which songs were recorded to digital and which were recorded to analog? No? But I thought analog just sounded so much warmer, and well... just so much better? Why can't we tell which are which?

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