i have about 1 thousand canadian to spend on a new amp and i think ive narrowed it down pretty much to 2 amps based on what was at the store when i went. the two amps im looking at are the Fender Deville 212 and the Traynor YCS50. I play classic rock, hard rock and some metal. bands like ac/dc,nickelback,zeppelin,metalica. Which amp is the better amp?
I have a YCV50Blue which is $795, but I got for $550 used, and I'm really happy with it.
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you won't be unsatisfied with a traynor my friend.
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not the fender. i haven't tried that specific traynor, but the traynors i have tried (ycv40 and 20) have good cleans (not as nice as fender, but good), combined with a much better overdrive channel. for the stuff you play, it looks like you need better overdrive than cleans...
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Fender is American voiced while Traynor is British voiced (even though it's canadian)

I recommend the Traynor personally, but it's your choice.
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