I just recently bought a left handed dean 79 series Z. i cant figure out what type of case the guitar would fit in. after all i dont want to just carry it around to gigs and risk it getting damaged etc.

heck while i am at it, i am buying two old amps, a Peavey renown and a Peavey bandit. there are minor problems which i cant really put my finger on, i will start with the renown, once the volume is turned up too high the left speaker (it is a 2x12 amp) starts to buzz and crack a bit unless someone places their finger on the speaker. what do you think that is? how much will it cost to repair it?

The band has a weird problem, when plugging into the high gain input you have to hold the amp cable in a certain position in order to get any sound and as for the low gain the volume seems to be relatively low with the volume up full blast. if anyone can help me with these problems it would be awesome. Thanks talk to you guys later!
Coffin cases Are Kickass i bought one for $170 cause i needed biggest one for my warlock(Kerry King Signature)

As for the amp, have you tried a different cable? Tape also does worlds of good too.
The jack on the bandit could stuffed or your cables are broken.

The speaker on the other guitar might be stuffed

Coffin case for the guitar.

Your welcome.
it sounds like the speaker needs to be tightened down on the one amp. it could be buzzing because its vibrating against the rest of the amp or something. which would mean tightening it down would stop it. or the speaker could be blown and you would need another one. one fix is free, the other depends on how nice of a speaker you want.

for the other amp, it sounds like the input jack needs to be re-soldered and tightened. i would open the amp, re-solder the wires to the the jack and then tighten the whole thing down while making sure not to twist the wires. if you dont have a soldering iron, solder and screwdriver then this will cost you around $20. if you have all those things it should be free.