Prior to some research I did today I was fully prepared to order parts and do a true bypass mod on my Behringer VD400 and my Ibanez TS9. However, an article I read on the Tech 21 website basically said that is true bypass just alot of hype, even suggesting that Boss and Ibanez type pedals don't benefit sonically or mechanically from true bypass modding. Is this true and if it is how does Robert Keeley get away with selling this mod for 55 bucks?
The only noticeable tonesuck I experienced when my vox wasnt true bypassed yet. It was a major improvement. Next, I built a true bypass looper with two switches which you can combine signal A and signal B. Let us say that my signal A has 3 fx, only 1 true bypass, and my signal B has also 3 peds, 1 boss pedal and 2 truebypass pedal. Honestly, I don't notice any tonesuck at all if both signals are on and the pedals in the chain are off. But, when I use my guitar rig, you know the light thingy goes up and down to see if their any signal or your signal is too high or low? I notice that it goes lower when I turn my a and b on.

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Depends some of its hype some its not. I prefer truebypass but its not the end of the world if the pedal doesnt have it. Ibanez does pretty good with their buffered system. And if have long cables like for your FX loop the buffering can be good thing. But in many wahs true bypass its almost a must have. With most companies its just economics its cheaper to use buffering than it is truebypass.
Not sure who is doing petes math as who would use 2 foot cables between 10 different pedals. My pedals are linked by 2 inch georgeLs cable. So even if all of em are truebypass its still only an extra foot of cable. And if your first pedal is buffered shoots his whole theory out of the water. TS the cost to mod the behringer is almost what the pedal costs. But leave the TS9 ibanez classic pedals are pretty good the way they are made.
Buffered pedals are great for starting and ending a chain. If its a really long chain I might want a buffer in the middle.

Other than that true bypass all the way.

Also the case is not true bypass vs buffered.
Buffers are not a form of switching they are just impedance devices. Electronic bypass (like Boss, Ibanez use) also has buffers in their switching. For some reason people get the idea that buffers are doing the tone sucking and bypassing.