I am judging by two categories; Tone (namely, effects and such), Size/Portability (Obv, small. I'd prefer as small as possible). Secondary things to consider are audible volume (I don't need it to bust jams like a stack, but I'd like to know how powerful it is), and price (Anywhere under a hundred. Over a hundred is practically null, since it's rare to find amps over a hundred that AREN'T large).
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since it's rare to find amps over a hundred that AREN'T large).

someones never heard of a tube amp
look at
Roland cubes
Peavey vypyrs
and even danelectro honeytones
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Most of the cubes are too big. The rest, I either didn't specifically find, or am asking advice on. If I knew what the best suggestions were, I wouldn't need to ask.
The MS2? I've been looking at that (And hoping someone would name it, confirming it as a candidate). What about the MS-4? Is that any good? Anything else in that line to check out?
i have that ms2, i think it sounds like crap. i havent heard any of the other amps around that size, so nothing to compare it to. I would hope you could do better though
edit: even though it looks over $100, i would look at a roland micro cube. I have a cube 30 and really like it, micros might be similar
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I'd go with the Roland Micro Cube, it's a killer little amp. You might also look into Cactus tube amps, I've never done anything with them so I don't know how good they are, but I've seen ads for them and they look kinda cool.
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The Fender Mini-Tone is a really loud and toneful little 1W amp. Also its tiny and runs on 9V battery!
Well the ms4 is about twice as big.... but twice the amount of awesome since it's a double stack.
You might want to take a look at fender ones as well. VOX makes quality ones, but it'll be hard to find one that's under $100.
What would everyone agree is best? The fender mini-tone master, the Marshal MS-4, or the Microcube?
Get a Microcube.

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the micro cube is a real practice amp.

the tiny amps you mentioned are all toys with tiny speakers.

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