Kingston 4 string basses?

I got one with model number 14772 made in korea. I can't seem to find anything resembling the one i have.

I did find this on ebay...


And it looks almost the same as the one on the pictures but the headstock is a bit different, it has a reverse "s" shape on one side.

So i guess the real question is, is the bass i have really worth that little?
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OH NOES!!! Theowy is scawY!!!
Im gonna go on a hunch and say....no.

The price he's selling it for either suggests its total **** or hes an idiot. Or its like a 60's version of a starter bass. But yeah, something is off here. Plus the sellers lack of knowledge of what hes selling speaks volumes to. "Umm it has like, 4 strings, so it might be a bass i guess kinda?".
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The next cheapest Kingston bass i could find goes for 399.88

"Vintage 60's Kingston Teisco MIJ P Bass Guitar" google that.

the one i have is not as ornate as this one but it resembles the one i have a lot more that the other ones, especially the MTD kingston's. Should i ask for a bit less than 300 if I decided to pawn it?
*reported*... twice in one reply!

OH NOES!!! Theowy is scawY!!!
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