Alright so i'm 18 years old and I live in Australia. Today I was woken up to a "surprise". This surprise was my mum moving my amp, 5 guitars, all of my leads, effects pedals and my speakers to another room. The reason i'm so pissed off about this is because I got into a music course at the Aus Institute of Music this year so I asked for a bigger space to practice because the old room was so cramped. This room is worse. They moved all my **** into a room with even more of their shti in it. When I try to move it out, my dad tells me to gtfo of the house, so I tell him to get ****ed. This really really really makes me angry.
Ok, thanks for the information
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You're all acting like idiots. How about you and your parents all grow up and then try to solve your problems like adults.
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