hopping that this is the right thread but lately I've been playing guitar for a little over three in a half years and haven't had any problems till now. So these past few months I've been playing my guitar and my index finger on my fretting hand starts to sting now I have well developed calluses *sorry if spelt wrong* this has been going on for bout two months but this last week it's been getting worse and now it's spreading to my middle finger as well. Does anyone know what this could be and how to get rid of it because I really miss playing. Please and thanks.
This happened to me once as well, I'm not sure what happened though. It wasn't as severe as yours and it disappeared after a few months. Which part of your finger is stinging? if it's the sides, it may be your nails digging into the skin.
its the very tips where the callouses are and wouldn't be the nails I chew them off *bad habbit I know*
this happened to the side of index finger on my fretting hand, at first i thought it was a prickle but i cudnt c anythnin and yea i still dnt know what it was but it went away after i contined playing for 3 - 4 days
You may have some other problems with your fingers. If it persists, quit guitar for a few weeks and get it checked out; my friend didn't know she had tendinitis until she realized her hands were paralyzed in the middle of a concert. Whatever it is, it is not, I repeat: NOT, the calluses. Those are the most desired thing you can get on your fingers for playing more comfortably, especially if the action of your instrument is mid- to high.