I'm just about to get it, and I'm still undecided on the color. Regardless of the different specs for the different color schemes, I thought about the white, sunburst, or see-thru blue. I like those pretty equally but have not seem them in person.

What do you guys think?
I think white is a good color

Personally, I'm a fan of see-thru red
vintage black or puple

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vintage black always looked neat but blue of those choices
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I had one in see-thru cherry which was really nice. I upgraded to my snow white eclipse II like and colour wise I definitely prefer the snow white. The binding really started to put me off the whole looks of the ec-1000 after a while so If I were to choose an ec-1000 again I'd go with the Vintage Black as it's the only one without a stupid (imo) looking binding lol and it does look really nice.
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you're getting my dream guitar.. *crys at horrible australian guitar prices!*
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Vintage black would be my first pick, the red one coming in second
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i think the vintage balck is the best
I actually own an ec1000 but its the discontinued satin finish...its so nice
Don't know about you but the abalone binding on the fretboard annoyed me. There are a few without binding and have mother of pearl inlay, though. Now that's beauty!

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see thru green is awesome and unique....get that or the blue if u dont like green

+ 100000000000!!
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Vintage black would be my first pick, the red one coming in second

Mark G is right.
matte back or white man tis the only way
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I prefer the green myself, but given your choices I'd go with the blue.

I really wish they offered a flame maple in the green.
What about the black cherry? I love that finish.

It's gonna be hard deciding which finish, they all look amazing.
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Quote by Mark G
Vintage black would be my first pick, the red one coming in second

x2 or Purple