yesterday i put a cd into my computer, opened up itunes, imported it into my library and then went i went i went into the library part it was the only album on their. i closed it and reopened itunes a few times and it didnt correct itself so i had to go and import averything back onto my computer again which took a long long time

has this or something similar ever happened to you?
Maybe you accidentally started another library...... I dunno... that shouldn't happen.
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One time I opened My Computer folder up and then clicked the folder for Windows. I thought System32 was a conspiracy by Microsoft so I delted it. Then I masturbated onto the Hard drive tower. The next day I accompanied my long term companion Frederick von Stiffleton to the local Electronics shop to purchase a new Hard drive and I know now not to delete the System32 file and more importantly not to ejaculate on the tower and/or motherboard and internal components.
it does screw up from time to time. I imported a friends Led Zeppelin I CD and I option-clicked to get the album artwork and it gave me the wrong artwork. not the first time that's happened.