One day i used the searchbar - Homer Simpson.
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"Searchbar jokes aren't funny" - Eric Cartman.
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Originally Posted By iron_maiden93

He wants to rape us....He raped me

Family guy - high school girl is tied in the bathroom stall.
door opens.

Quagmire - Dear diary, JACKPOT!


and another one

quagmire. - hey have you ever been penetrated?
"Umm, there's a half dead fat guy eating a dead fat guy in my room" - Stewie
Family guy by far
simpsons hasnt been funny for years
south park is funny, but gets really stupid really quick
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be the music, not the scene
homer-I ate those fancy soaps you got for the bathroom.

marge-oh my god!

homers brain-the other secret

homer-i never graduated high school

marge-that doesnt explain why you ate my soaps. wait, maybe it does.

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The Simpsons

Homer: The Simpsons and the Flanders will one big family... The Flimpsons.
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"A guym? What the hell is a guym? *Goes into the gym* Oh, a guym!"- Homer Simpson
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"Family Guy sucks, The Simpsons has been pretty bad for a few years, and the last season of South Park was inconsistent."
In it's prime, no show could TOUCH the simpsons, but its in the crapper now. Family Guy keeps getting funnier and funnier, and South Park has been on a slight decline lately but is still a great show
King of the Hill.

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Random Chick- "Wow, good thing you know CPR"

Quagmire- "What the Hell's CPR"
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King of the Hill.

...is being canceled. Apparently it can't compete with American Dad in ratings.
^ Your joking right?

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LedDaveZeppelin, You are so awesome.
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lucky bastard and your knowlegde of chemical engineering...

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you guys are geniuses.

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^That is genius!

:stickpoke why dose yellow hate blue? WHY!
"Im sorry i cant tell you anything about the customers illegal offshore account *hangs up phone*... Oh no i shouldnt of said anything about that person being a customer... oh no i shouldnt of said anything about an offshore account... Oh no, i most certaintly shouldnt of mentioned anthing about it being illegal.... Oh well its to hot out..." - Simpsons (some fat guy talking about krusty bounced cheque or something)
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Simpsons is cool, but I much prefer Family Guy... it's so much funnier in my eyes, and it seems more realistic. Like, in the way they talk and stutter and stuff.
Lisa: "Hey I made enough guspacho for everyone! It has no meat! "

Everyone at BBQ:

Barney: Go back to Russia!


Simpsons at it's prime could NOT be beat. Family guy is hillarious at season 3, 4, 5 and some of 6. South park was better in the older days, now it's ehh.
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Homer: can i get a duck?
Marge: No! You already have a monkey
Homer: can he get a duck?

Family Guy

Tom: "Let's go live to Ollie Williams with the BlaccuWeather report. Ollie?"
Tom: "Sounds rough Ollie, Do you have an umbrella?"
Ollie: "Had one!"
Tom: "Where is it?"
Ollie: "Inside out two miles away!"
Tom: "Is there anything we can do for you?"
Ollie: "Bring me some soup!"
Tom: "What kind?"
Ollie: "Chunky!!"
Tom: "All right, we'll get right on that."
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The Simpsons

Homer: The Simpsons and the Flanders will one big family... The Flimpsons.

That reminds me of:

Homer: Mr. Flanders!? Who the hell is Mr. Flanders?...

Ohhhh, Flanders.

Simpsons used to kick so much arse.

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Futurama should be included too go damn it.

Zoidberg's home burns down underwater...
Zoidberg:Oh no! How could this have happened?
Hermes:That's a very good question
Bender:So that's where I left my cigar
Hermes:That just raises further questions!
Catch the Dragon
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This thread is as terrible as music, which sucks balls.
Bart: see ya Homer, goin on a father a father son picnic.

Homer: oh okay, *bart leaves*... wait, bart doesn't have a son!
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Simpsons-'No, we'll build real men, made out of snow' or 'Denatal Plan...Lisa Needs Braces etc.' or 'Feels like i'm wearing nothing at all'
I dont really watch Family Guy
South Park-pretty much every episode has an amazingly funny quote so i can't pick a favourite, hense why its the greatest cartoon ever in my opinion
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Bart: see ya Homer, goin on a father a father son picnic.

Homer: oh okay, *bart leaves*... wait, bart doesn't have a son!


Bart: Actually we were just organising our father, son picnic.

Homer: Haha, you don't have a son.

Or something like that.

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