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We're a band that's been working together for a few months. We've gotten four or five songs written, and we plan on recording in april or may...

We practice at least once a week (usually on Sundays) and we're working towards better gear. We work hard while having fun, and hope to get noticed and signed in the future.

Lead Guitarist Preferences:
*Knows a bit of theory (basics like scales)
*A background in either Punk rock or Alt/Hard rock
*Knows how to let loose, won't take anything personally
*Lastly, must have your own gear (guitar, amp, cables, whatever else you use)

Current Members:
Phil - Guitar/Vocals - simmilar to blink 182, Sum 41, Anti-Flag, Ect.
Emilio - Bass/Vocals - Influenced by Alkaline Trio, Tsunami Bomb, and Thrice
Austin - Drums - Style very obviously inspired by Travis Barker