Avocados on the table, <------{chorus}
Avocados in my mind,
all over the ground,

Help me, get them out,
I don't know why,
There Sprouting all about,
Get them OUT!

Why are they here,
Please get them off,
Avocados everywhere,


Maybe we could be freinds,
Maybe We could see,
That freindship is forever,
Avocados and me,

I try to make freinds,
I hope they know,
With Avocados and me,
Theres always hope!


So now were Friends,
We live in peace,
O NO, Somehtings happened,
But I'm still in one peice,

I run for the door,
And all of a sudd. . . . .
Help. .. . . .


Tenacious D inspired