As of tonight I'm now the proud owner of a Fender Blues Junior.

I absolutely love the cleans, it is an enormous upgrade from my Spider 3 30 watt and my Frontman 15G.

My only issue is that I haven't quite found an overdriven tone that I'm satisfied with. This is likely due to the fact that I haven't really cranked it yet. At most, I've played with the volume(gain) at 12 and the master at 2.5/3, any louder in my bedroom and my ears would surrender

I figure an overdrive pedal would be best, so does anyone have suggestions as to what pedal would go well with my amp?

And also, about how high should I hypothetically be cranking the amp in order for it to break up nicely on its own?

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Get a Danelectro Cool Cat Metal I pedal. It's only like $40, but it sounds incredible. I got own for my birthday a few months ago and it does exactly what it says. You can easily get perfectly clean sounds, all the way to Metallica heavy, and even a Nirvana Punk-Anthem sound.
I use an Ibanez ts9 with my blues jr.

I can get a really nice distorted/overdriven tone with it. what kind of overdriven tones are you going for?
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I'm basically looking for a creamy and saturated sound, though that's probably too cliche too be specfic. I'm not looking for metal tones for sure, just something that can handle crunchy blues and some rock.
I love my Ibanez ts9, so get that if you can get the funds for it.
There is also the bad monkey which i havent tried, but people like it on this forum, because its not that expensive and sounds good.
reach in the darkness for what you can find travel great distance in your mind.
any tubesceamer-type pedal will work, i like my ts-808. maxon also makes really good od pedals. not sure how high you need to turn up a blues jr. to get a good overdrive. maybe 7? my palomino starts tobreak up around 6. just listen i guess
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If you're looking for a relatively transparent overdrive on the cheap, the DigiTech Bad Monkey is excellent. If you want boosted mids, a little bit less control (only a Tone knob vs. the Low and High on a Bad Monkey) and less gain, then look into a Tubescreamer.
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