Gday, i am a buckethead feind, i only started listening to him recently, but due to the limited availability of his albums in crappy Australia, i have been unable to make as many purchases as I desire to.

Anyway i found somewhere where i can get most of his albums from. So far i have electric tears, monsters and robots, enter the chicken and decoding the tomb of the banshee.

I particularly enjoy decoding the tomb, but im sure I will enjoy any of bucketheads songs.

What 2 or 3 albums would you guys recommend for a buckethead addict who has only shot up the sound of juicy buckethead into my brain recentlty? Someone new to the mindblowing drug of buckethead.

Thanks for your advice
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In all seriousness,
Inbred Mountain, Monsters & Robots, Crime Slunk Scene, Electric Tears, Enter the Chicken are all REALLY good imo.

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